Social Distancing and Responsibility in the Age of the Coronavirus Pandemic


Flu season was supposed to wind down historically in March, yet…

As Jaws author, Peter Benchley once wrote, “Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water… “

The Coronavirus caught the entire world off-guard. This current pandemic is concerning people from local citizens of every walk of life to A-List celebrities like Tom Hanks harking back like a Hollywood scenario from the 2011 Steven SoderberghContagion” film.

It’s a Time to Come Together While Staying Apart

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to captive and dominate the news headlines life and businesses have, must and will adapt and continue on in the face of this virus and the work will get done. This is a time when we can all pull together and do what we do best, acclimate and adapt. We can each contribute to the solution and come together… even when we must stand, and work, apart.

Social distancing has provided one solution in the absence of a vaccine and hopefully mitigates people’s exposure to the virus.

Companies are rolling out remote strategies for employees to keep business in motion.

Distance Breeds Enchantment from Disneyland to Local Events

Large trade shows, most recently SXSW, in its 27th year, had several major companies pull out for fear of spreading the pandemic and then pulled the plug altogether in the best interest of the public.

The City of Austin has canceled the March dates for SXSW and SXSW EDU. SXSW will faithfully follow the City’s directions.

The biggest news when Disneyland announced closing until the end of March beginning March 14th according to their website.

This is after all social responsibility.   

Years ago I read “Remote: Office Not Required” by Jason Fried which examines the “work from home” then phenomenon and illustrates how a remote work setup can be accomplished.

I am happy to be on the vanguard of the remote workforce. Through innovative companies like RingCentral they are keeping teams connected globally and business on track. 

So, what if your company is not on board with this concept and thinks this pandemic will just blow over?

Take the bull by the horn as the saying goes, talk to your HR Mangers, CEOs, CIOs about the benefit and productivity of working remotely. Your time now is fully trackable, and the tools have improved significantly.

Here are several solutions to the current crisis