Nostradamus Prophecies On Social Media 2011

The Social Web is teeming with new predictions on the growth of social media and where this new technology and these new tools are heading. It got us to thinking:

What would Nostradamus predict if he were alive today?

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We thought it would be fun to get your feedback and comments on this blog and imaginative exercise (it is purely for entertainment) and see what your Nostradamus predictions, prophesies and prognostications are for 2011. Who knows, perhaps you will be the next Nostradamus and forced to write a yearly almanac and gain millions of followers worldwide.

But First, A Brief History Lesson:

Who was Nostradamus?

Born Michel de Nostredame on December 14, 1503. Nostradamus was first a French physician before becoming “Nostradamus the prophet.” You can read more extensively here: He published his first almanac containing prophecies in 1550 in Salon. The almanac proved so successful that he published a new almanac annually.
He died July 2, 1566.

Nostradamus’s Writing Style:

He wrote his predictions in what are known as quatrains (4 line verses). It is said that they were written ambiguously and their meaning obscured in order to avoid being labeled a magician.

Here is an example:

We have started you off with one to get the hang of it, so here it is:

The great leader in all search will cast a wider net
And all things social will make the book
Competition will intensify between the two
As a little bird sings louder in the hand.

The “great leader” could refer to Google (you decide). The “little bird” could ellude to Twitter.

The Rules:

# 1 You must adhere to the Nostradumas quatrain style when posting… The title of this blog is “Nostradamus Prophecies on Social Media 2011.” Have fun with it, gaze into your own crystal ball.

# 2 The purpose of this blog is for entertainment purposes and a creative, thought-provoking exercise.  Again, have fun with it.  If you lack a sense of humor, play or fun with history, move on.  There are millions of other blogs in the blogosphere.

*If your prediction or prognostication comes true, who knows… you might be the next Nostradumas and people might follow you.

The Man Who Saw Tomorrow – Orsen Wells

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